Sarah Gute

Birthday: October 13

Classroom Wishlist:

Shirt size (unisex): Medium

Hobbies: Golf, working out, spending time with my family, reading, board games

Favorite Places to Shop: Target and Amazon

Favorite Sports and Teams: MN Gophers, MN Vikings

Favorite Color: Red and Pink

Favorite Holiday: My birthday :), Christmas, Valentines Day

Coffee/Tea/Smoothie Order: Blended Cherry Limeade (Caribou), Northern Lite Latte (Caribou)

Favorite Drink: Sparkling water (Bubly, etc.)

Favorite Snack(s): Beef jerky, turkey jerky, nuts, Smart Pop

Favorite Restaurant(s): MC Taphouse, Chilis

Favorite Food: Mexican and Italian

Favorite Flower/Plant : All :)

Thank you, but I don't need any more of...Nothing that I can think of. But this question makes me smile. :)