About Us

About the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

You are a member! Every parent or guardian of enrolled students and every staff member of Woodland Elementary is an automatic member of the PTO. Every parent or guardian of incoming enrolled students (of the upcoming school year) is a member of the PTO Organization. We encourage you to join one of our next general meetings - or just send us a note if you have a question.


Our Mission:

  1. To increase educational and enrichment opportunities for our children through PTO-coordinated Woodland family and community events.

  2. To support the needs and concerns of our children, their families and our school.

  3. To build and strengthen Woodland’s community relationships.

  4. To work side-by-side with the Woodland Elementary community, informing parents of the issues that affect our children’s health, families, education and future within our community, district and state.

  5. To create opportunities for Woodland families to have fun together.

2022-2023 PTO Board

President: Aaron Ledebuhr

President Elect: Jenna Maurer

Secretary: Megan Fordice

Communications: Devon Siegel

Marketing Manager: Kandy Heitland

DPAC: Jen Broden

Treasurer: Megan Sing

Treasurer Elect: Brianna Johnston

Teacher Reps: Scott Lund and Jody Levy

Contact Us: WDPTOMN@gmail.com