Becky Haug

Birthday: Dec 27

Classroom Wishlist:

Hobbies: spending time with my kids, husband and dog, walks, park visits, watching movies & tv at home, cooking, reading

Favorite Places to Shop: Target

Favorite Sports and Teams: NFL, I enjoy going to my students' sporting events/plays/etc if they want me to come cheer them on

Favorite Color: Blue/green

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Coffee/Tea/Smoothie Order: coffee with extra cream 

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke

Favorite Snack(s): popcorn, veggies & dip, chips & salsa

Favorite Restaurant(s): Sweet Taste, Green Mill, Rock Elm, Jimmy Johns

Favorite Food: pizza and salad and sandwiches

Favorite Flower/Plant:Love all flowers

Thank you, but I don't need any more of....chocolate