Mary Goettsche

Birthday: May 15

Classroom Wishlist:

Shirt size (unisex): Large

Hobbies: N/A mom of 3 ❤️😊

Favorite Places to Shop: Amazon, Target, Thread Up,  Home Depot

Favorite Sports and Teams: Gophers, Twins, Vikings

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Holiday: Christmas and 4th of July

Coffee/Tea/Smoothie Order: Caramel High Rise or Macchiato  (hot or cold) any kind of smoothies

Favorite Drink: Crystal Light peach tea or lemonade, coffee with lots of cream and sugar, Diet Coke 

Favorite Snack(s): Almonds or trail mix, chips and salsa or guacamole, and soft chew Werthers candy

Favorite Restaurant(s): Sunshine Factory, Olive Garden, Que Viet Village House, Culver’s 

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Flower/Plant : Gladiolus, Tulips, Lily, all flowers