Physical Education/DAPE

Birthday: Jan 27


Hobbies: Running, playing pickleball, reading, and spending time outdoors

Favorite Places to Shop: Target and Dick's Sporting Goods

Favorite Sports and Teams: Love pretty much all sports.  Gymnastics, Tennis, and Track were my main sports as an athlete.  Gophers and all of the MN professional teams

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Coffee/Tea/Smoothie Order: I do not drink coffee/tea.  I like a variety of fruit smoothies.  

Favorite Drink: cherry coke

Favorite Snack(s): crackers, cheese sticks,  pretzels, granola bars, m&m's, licorice

Favorite Restaurant(s): Chipotle, Cossetta's

Favorite Food: Pizza, tortellini, and tacos

Favorite Plant: peony